Fiercely You™ Confidence Workshops

A day to become the most powerful version of yourself.

This one-of-a-kind confidence workshop combines the transformative art form of drag and coaching sessions into a unique process that will:

  • help you overcome the fear of failing, the fear of rejection, the fear of not being good enough.

  • get rid of the self-doubt that derails you from pursuing your passions and accomplishing your greatest goals. 

  • release your inhibitions in order to be the fabulous person you imagine you can be. 

  • help you live your life boldly and vibrantly.

  • give you the tools to be your most confident self in life and business.

Yes, that's right. We are going to help you create, and transform into, the boldest version of yourself: YOUR DRAG PERSONA! Your drag persona is a source of confidence that you can channel when you need an extra boost of fierceness!

The 5 Steps to Your Transformation

  1. BEFORE THE WORKSHOP: Pre-conference consultation call, coaching questionnaire and assessment. Pre-read material.

  2. WORKSHOP MORNING: Learn the 5 Keys to Fierce: develop your drag persona, master power dressing in everyday drag, strike power poses for confidence, tell critics to sashay away and werk through risk-taking.

  3. WORKSHOP AFTERNOON: Practice the new you by learning powerful body positions, including practicing a fierce runway walk. Then transform in to your drag alter-ego with the help of makeup artists and wig stylists. 

  4. WORKSHOP DRAG SHOW: Drawing from your newfound confidence, you will perform a fierce lip-sync performance!  Then we'll celebrate with cocktails/mocktails!

  5. AFTER THE WORKSHOP: Ongoing online community and 2 group coaching calls.


  • Pre-conference consultation

  • Coaching questionnaire and assessment

  • Full day of group coaching

  • Makeup and wig styling

  • "Drag diary" journal 

  • Photo shoot of you drag alter-ego

  • Lip-sync video capture

  • End-of-day cocktail celebration 

  • Signed copy of the book Fiercely You

  • Digital photos to capture the drag transformation

  • HD video of lip-sync to share with friends

  • 2 group coaching calls

  • Facebook private group and community support

What Happens at a Fiercely You™ Workshop?

Check out how you will become the "new you" at a Fiercely You™ workshop!


What Fiercely You™ Workshop graduates are saying...

"The biggest take awayI had from the workshop was totally unexpected. After we developed our ideal persona, we spent time reflecting in our heart, gut, and mind why this person was our ideal self? My response was very emotional, and really surprised me – it was 'because I matter, and I am worth it.' I’m actually choking up typing these words. It’s been very empowering. Thank you!"

-- Michelle Barber, Director of Alumni Relations, Westminster College

"If you need to get your...confidence up, absolutely take this [workshop] because it [is] an amazing, fantastic day of bonding and camaraderie but also looking into yourself and seeing how you can actually be stronger and confident."

-- Ronane Lloyd, former Director of HR, Czarnowski

"The whole transformation part was the best part of it for me. I feel like I am taking... skills out where I can apply them to my regular day-to-day life and feel more powerful."

-- Angela Rhinehart, owner and general manager of Vitalize Massage


If you have 10 or more people and would like us to bring the workshop to you, email Jackie Huba at jackie [at]

We can also do custom workshops for your organization.

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